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Don Eli - Filter

Don Eli - Filter

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Costa Rica - Tarrazú


Full-bodied & mild

Tasting Notes: Wild Honey, Raspberry, Nectarine

Origin: Tarrazú, Costa Rica
Variety: Catuai
Preparation: White honey
Cupping Score: 87
Altitudes: 2000m
Harvest: 2022
Weight: 250 gr
Roasting Date: 08 Aug 2023
From the roaster:

A very creamy, sweet filter coffee with a velvety mouthfeel and a long-lasting aftertaste. It has intense notes of wild honey, nectarine and sweet raspberry.

Coffee cherries sourced from La Pastora, approximately an hour away from Don Eli Farm, are harvested ripe and processed with care by Carlos and his son Jacob. The cherries are left to ferment in tanks for 48 hours, a process commonly known as “reposado”, and are then pulped using a machine with a mechanical demuci bearing. This method helps to separate the coffee bean from the pulp and highlights the distinctive character imparted by the soil and climate, while being more environmentally friendly than full washing. Finally, the coffee is dried on african beds, taking twelve to fifteen days until it reaches optimal moisture content.

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